New Beginning

It’s been more than a month since my last post. Honestly speaking, ever since my transfer to the inpatient team, I have had less time in front of the computer at work. Even if I was in front of the computer, it will be the constant scrambling for art and craft that I can possibly bring to the wards to do. Then once I am home, I am just too plain lazy to start blogging. While I have decided a long time ago that this blog is a place only for happy memories, sometimes I do feel writing only about the positive things can get boring.  Besides, my life seems to be getting mundane too…

Since my return from my Japan trip, my interest in photography has been strengthened. Perhaps it’s because of me borrowing my Boy’s DSLR that made me enjoy more the beauty of my work (not that I’m any good). Perhaps it is also the lovely scenery of Japan itself that inspired me to want to do better. Either way, nevermind the heavy load I had to carry every day, I was excited to capture more scenes on ‘film’.

With that, I guess it comes with a heavy heart that I have somewhat decided to stop blogging here. Since my poly school days, 8 years since I first started out, this is actually my first intention to stop writing. It’s not that I do not love writing, I do, and I’d never thought I’ll ever stop blogging. In fact, it serves as a good place for me to store my happy memories, take stock of what have happened in my life, and read how my thoughts and writing styles have change with time. When I read back on what I’ve written all these years (actually 6 only for this blog), I can’t help but laugh at myself. What a silly little girl I was! But I guess with time, I’ve learnt to grow and mature, and I’ve learnt to discover what I enjoy and treasure in life.

I will still write, but much less. I have decided to focus more on taking pictures, and to focus more on Photo Travellist. More pictures (hopefully), less words. I may still write once in a while when inspiration beckons. But till then, I shall let my lens do the speaking…

Time to tidy up  and organise my photo library, get my flickr back on track, and perhaps invest in a better camera.

I’m gonna be broke!


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Yokoso Japan!

After the disasters happening in Japan, we are still going ahead with our trip, albeit with major adjustments and much frustrations… But the day is finally here, as I hope we can travel and enjoy there in peace =)

With: Bingrong & friends
When: 31st March – 8th April

にほん へ いきましょう!

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Another Year and Counting

In the blink of an eye, the Boy and I are celebrating our 3rd year together. However, I had the misfortune of falling sick on the same day as my anniversary…

As such, we decided to keep it simple by having lunch at Rocky Masters and dinner at Blue Mountain Restaurant.

And the Boy, knowing how much I like Fossil watches, bought me one as a gift! =)

My very special and unique watch! Love it to the max =)

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At River AngBao

Our yearly affair continues with a trip down town…

Thankfully our decision to head there on the weekday proved to be a good one as we didn’t have to squeeze with the crazy Singaporean crowd…

You and me…

With our zodiacs yet again. But it seems like this rabbit year isn’t very good for us… *Cross our fingers!*

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Florals @ Sentosa

(Short & sweet posts coming up due to my laziness and lack of time…)

As part of our yearly affair (if the exhibition is on), the Boy, his family, and I made our way to the sunny island of Sentosa to capture some flowers on camera. And with the newly opened broadwalk available now, we decided to head there on foot.

Lovely blues means super sunny hot!

And then, it was time for flower mania!

Our usual shots with our chinese zodiac. Squeak!

‘Photo shoots’ of me…

My shots of some of the exhibits. From top to bottom, left to right: Huge Bunny, Purple Cosmos, Lone Flower and Opuntia “Bunny Ears’ Cactus! (The last one was pretty much capturing the attention of most people. But who could blame them when they look really adorable! Never knew such plants existed.)

And lastly, couple pictures of us! I have to say though that the volunteer photographers there did quite a lousy job… (All because they are hoping you would purchase their photos instead!) Oh well… Next up, River Angbao!

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KL Shopping

22-23 January 2011

Our last minute decision to head back to our neighbouring country saw us walk the entire Berjaya Times Square and Sungei Wang Mall on our first day in Kuala Lumpur. Not to mention we even make our way to Pavillion for more shopping. Wow… That’s like at least twelve stories worth of walking! My legs almost broke given that I’m aging with every minute…

And because it was a shopping trip, there wasn’t much opportunities for photo-taking, especially when we were quite far away from the Petronas Towers. As such, there aren’t many photos to share, though we did take some.

Night scene of KL. They had A&W there, which saw us heading there for our lunch and our root beer float fix =)

Interior of Pavillion mall. Everywhere was CNY madness!

A super cool and huge dressing room! Yes, I was hiding inside with the Boy while he was trying on some nice shirts.

A nice picture of me outside Pavillion mall =)

And lastly, our happy couple pic with some of our loots =D

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Berjaya Hills

8-10 January 2011

On the van from Genting to Berjaya Hills was one of the worst rides I’ve ever taken… It was a small mini-bus that they have chartered, which was less comfortable than the usual coaches. As such, with the constant horseshoes around the mountains, I started to get bus-sick… Bah… Felt totally miserable…

So after more than one hour of turnings, we finally arrived…

From what I understood, the place had a recent marketing revamp, changing its name from Colmar Tropicale to Berjaya Hills. After checking into our room, we decided to make the most of our first day by visiting the 3 main attractions of Berjaya Hills – Japanese Village, Botanical Gardens & Rabbit Park.

As shuttle buses were catered at specific times, we decided to take a few pictures with the magnificent architecture first by enlisting the help of our fellow tourists. As for the resulting picture, it was clear that they didn’t know how to take pictures…

Deciding not to waste too much time though I was a little cheesed off, we decided to hop on the bus and head off to our first destination – Japanese Village. It was a really uphill drive to the village, especially in our shuttle bus where it was more like a buggy with lots of huge-sized people on board. Thankfully, we made it there safely, only to realise that the Botanical Garden was just next to it.

First up, the Japanese Village.

It was mainly a path with lots of greens, a small stream, and a little hut where one could rent yukatas for your own photo memories.

I decided to give it a miss, and just continue on with our photo-taking spree…

My Boy in action =)

Moving on to the Botanical Garden, I was quite surprised to see that it was arranged more like a plant store than a real garden. So of course I only took some pictures of the flowers.

Returning back to the resort, we found out that we had missed the other shuttle to the Rabbit Park, and we had to wait 1 hour for it. As such, we headed back in for more photo exploration.

Shots of the place & Us =)

When we were done with our shoot, we discovered that there was a performance called the ‘Russian Roulette’. Not sure if the dancers were really from Russia, but their performances were pretty interesting, as we got a photo with them at the end too.

Oh,  and we did finally get a shot together with the architecture after giving specific instructions to a fellow tourist.

Since we had finished most of what we could do back at base, it was time to head off to the Rabbit Park. But… We waited till it was past the indicated time, and the bus was still nowhere to be seen! Finally, one of the staff told us that it has left when we did not see any bus at all! Bewildered, we guessed that it must have been the ‘staff bus’ with no sign board that we saw leaving earlier. And so, we had to continue waiting for another hour, before finally confirming that it was the bus with no sign board that we saw leaving! Talk about customer service when there was no signage nor announcement or anything similar!

But we finally got ourselves to the Rabbit Park nonetheless, where we were greeted with lots of rabbits and some other animals. It was like a really puny zoo with little variety of animals…

It was pretty hard trying to get pictures of the bunnies as they kept running about… Boing boing boing boing boing…

We did manage to catch them for individual shots, though I concluded that the Boy attracts bunnies more than I do for they were all running to him willingly but running away from me! (As evidenced by the photos…) Hmm… He must be enjoying all the ‘sexy’ bunny attention…

With that, we ended our ‘tour’ of Berjaya Hills, as we headed back to the resort to relax, grab our dinner, watch the last performance of the ‘Russian Roulette’ and then catch the soccer match of Manchester United in the comforts of our room…

And so ends our Berjaya Hills trip as I had another horrible car-sick ride back to Kuala Lumpur where we did some extremely last minute shopping before catching our coach back home. Little did we know that after this trip, we would have another last minute plan back to our neighbour country for some festive shopping! But that’s another story… =)


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